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Experience unparalleled power as you join forces with an exceptional team AI experts.

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Choose your assistant

Choose from a team of advanced and trained ML chat assistants ready to help you with your next task.

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Chat back
and forth

Work back and forth with your assistants in real-time to refine what your looking for and get the right result.

Step 3)

Improves over time

Each thread remembers your chat history so the more you chat, the better it gets.

Plans for your business every step of the way




Best for trying out Unbound and playing with AI tools for fun.

75 tokens
Limited AI model
Chats and prompts
Limited automations
Create AI tools
Prompt/chat library
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Best for solo brand owners working on a small project.

Everything in Free
Advanced AI model
250 tokens per month
All Automations
Unlimited live search and file attachments
Higher upload limits
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Best for larger teams with a growing brand.

Everything in Pro
1,000 tokens per month
Higher upload limits
Team (coming soon)
Priority support
Team (coming soon)
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Supercharge your organization with ML tools built for your team and secured with your data.

Batch token amounts
Secure company data
Unlimited users
White label
Account manager
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Level up the way you create content

Choose from our affordable 3 packages



Best for individuals looking to explore and try UnboundAI's tools and content creation features.

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What's included:

  • 25 credits every month
  • Generation tools
  • AI templates
  • Basic presets
  • Basic chat consultants



Best for individuals and professionals looking for more access, more AI Magic Tools and more export options.

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What's included:

  • Everything in free
  • 250 tokens every month
  • Premium presets
  • Premium chat consultants
  • Photo magic tools
  • Export projects
  • Upload your own images



Best for businesses and large teams looking for more access, more AI Magic Tools and more export options.

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What's included:

  • Everything in Pro
  • 1,000 tokens every month
  • Invite team members (soon)
  • Premium support

Empower your workforce


Custom models

Upload your data

Team accounts

Custom tools

White label

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