An AI that works for your Business

Grow your business with an AI assistant that learns you and your brand overtime.

The way you manage your business is about to change forever.

Generative AI models like GPT-4 and Midjourney have made creating, writing and ideating much more powerful and accessible to anyone in the world. These models allow you to generate several pages of text and many images in a under a minute and when used right AI can allow you to accomplish things never possible before for your business.

Unbound makes all these AI tools easy to use in a powerful interface which learns you overtime and allows you to create custom AI tools for whatever you are working on. You can find every AI tool in Unbound you need to streamline your Ecommerce business or brand.

When used right your entire business can become much more efficient with the help of Unbound.

What exactly is Unbound?

Unbound is a platform for business owners and teams to use AI to power their work and business. It’s a collection of several interoperable AI tools that work together to provide a personal generative experience for creating marketing content, optimizing landing pages, performing competitive research and more.

Unbound’s composable AI tools:

  • Chat assistants
  • Automations
  • Prompts
  • Data / integrations
  • History

Let’s start by going over chats.

Chat Assistants

Chat conversations are one of the most popular and easiest ways to get started using AI to make your online business more efficient. It’s extremely easy to chat back and forth with AI working together to develop content or explore a new idea. Each time you send a message to Unbound our LLM models will perform a combination of tasks in order to provide you the best answer including taking your personal preferences and brand data into account.

Unbound’s AI chats stand out in a few ways.

For one, we’ve designed a collection of 100s of AI chats engineered to power every aspect of your online business. Each chat is trained on a specific ability to assist you and managing your online store. Everything from writing products descriptions, to social media captions to ideating your advertising strategy can be done with Unbound chats.‍

Manage and streamline your online brand with chats

‍Examples of Unbound chats include

  • Marketer
  • Copywriter
  • Brand strategist
  • Product finder
  • Ads Expert
  • Email campaign

You can even create your own chat bots in Unbound. While other chat bots are usually general and can help with any task, we encourage users to design chats for specific tasks which always produces better results. This is done by telling your chat what you want it to help with and how to act.

Designing your chat takes less than a minute so you can grow your team of AI assistants in no time. By taking the time to instruct your AI chats with your preferences, you will ensure your conversations a lot more personal and productive.

You can think of Unbound chats as your personal assistants to growing and managing your E-commerce business.


Prompts are what power your Unbound generations. They are the requests sent to an AI and determine how your tools act.

With prompts you can:

  • Generate images
  • Write copy
  • Send messages to chats

Designing a good prompt can be hard but luckily Unbound does a lot of prompting for you so you don’t have to spend hours writing the perfect prompt.‍

Power your business with image and copy generation prompts

‍Hiring a designer or copywriter can be super expensive but with Unbound you can prompts you can create all the images and copy you need with a click of a button:

  • Hero images
  • Blog articles
  • Social media posts
  • SEO optimized keywords
  • Logos
  • And 1,000s more

Just like chats, you can also save your own prompts. Often times you’ll find a specific prompt works best for your business so you can save your best prompts in Unbound to use overtime.

Examples of good E-commerce prompts you might save:

  • Ad captions: Think like an E-commerce digital advertiser and create an ad caption for the product [product] from the brand ‘[brand]. Optimize the caption for [channel] ads and relevant character limits.
  • Logo: Create a logo for a new [business type]. Cartoon, modern, minimal style
  • Social media description: Think like an E-commerce social media specialist and write a 90 character [channel] page description for a [industry] brand named [brand] which sells [product]

Notice all of these prompts have placeholders in them for you to fill in each time. To learn more about Prompts checkout our documentation.


One of the biggest problems with AI is that it is extremely general. What makes you and your business stand out is your personal touch in branding. With Unbound you can upload all your brand data, files and information to your AI to make all the generations personal for you and your business.

All paid plans have the ability to upload files to folders and attach files to chat conversations. Chatting with your PDFs and documents can be a powerful tool to summarize blog articles, find information in a large file or use a brand identity packet in a chat to ideate a launch strategy.

By uploading your own data, you make your AI personal and provide results that are relevant and sound like your brand voice.

We have several integration in the works which will be available soon.

Learns you over time

One of the coolest parts about Unbound is that it learns more about you as you go. Just like data, an AI that has your personal preferences is a lot more helpful than a general one.‍

Unbound combines your preferences and business data into one powerful platform

‍Unbound remembers everything from goals, projects, copy styles, image aesthetics, marketing campaigns, product titles and much more so that it really feels personal and magical.

Just like your TikTok feed your YouTube, the more you use Unbound the better it gets.

Who is Unbound For?

Unbound is designed for innovators looking to build something great. Specifically Unbound powers business owners and entrepreneurs around the world to ideate, build and grow their E-commerce business using personal AI tools.

This includes

  • Brand owners
  • Agencies
  • Innovative teams
  • Small businesses
  • Entrepreneurs

and everything in between.

Bringing it all together

From generating stock photos, to writing an entire email marketing campaign to optimizing your SEO you can supercharge Unbound saves you time and helps grow your business.

Our goal is to help you improve and grow your business while making your life easier. We invite you to try it out and see how you can supercharge your online business and join the new generation of productive work with Unbound.

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